The fishing season has arrived

Summer is here and the garden is lush and green. The king salmon are swimming by us and we are busy creating fish strips and canning fish. The smoker is puffing out the sweet flavor of the alder wood.

Things have been very dry with lots of fires in the state but luck has stayed with us and none have been a threat to us. Thoughts are with those who are close as we have been there and it is a very stressful situation, one that does not end quickly.

The dogs are having a wonderful summer. The free runs along the river are very looked forward to. The yard is divided into 5 groups and with 3 of us doing a run each day the get to run and swim in the river every other day. It is such a pleasure watching them have fun. Once we return to the yard they trot to their houses and relax, often before we call them over.

The 4 pups are growing and now taking walks out of the yard with mom and Scarlett. Their little legs work hard to try and keep up with mom while Scarlett hurries behind them.