The Names of The Four

June 3 at 6:09 PM · 

We have the theme for this litter of 4 puppies and their names after some great rodeo animals of the 70s....RENO..named after one of the showiest saddle broncs of the time..but only for a couple yrs...I drew major Reno after he began to slow down some..but still good enough to win on. MAC..full name Mac the spinning bull to the left...drove my head in the ground and stepped all over the top of me and broke I don't remember how many the hospital for awhile..might not be my favorite puppy, but I like the name. Then their is ISHMO..(full name General ISHMO) and SHORTY..(full name SHORTY T) These two bulls treated me much better than Mac winning 1st on both of them. The 70s...what memories that I will remember with this new litter of SLED DOG greats..we'll see if they live up to their counterparts names. Any of my old rodeo buddies of the past seeing this..remember these bulls and horse?