Customized Dog Sled Tours & Expeditions in the Alaska, Yukon River Wilderness


Mush your own sled dog team of Alaskan Huskies through the Alaska, Yukon Wilderness.

Our adventures and custom trips specialize in wilderness travel using highly trained Alaskan huskies.

This area of Alaska is one of the most remote locations left on earth and includes the Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve, which is a 2.2 million acre protected wilderness area. Bush Alaska Expeditions has the only "Commercial Use Authorization" to run dog teams within the Yukon/Charley wilderness area. We live off the land and leave a very small footprint on the world and our environment. Our tours are eco-friendly.

Bookings are being taken now for our 2020 winter season… Do not hesitate about getting with us with any questions. We would love to share our world with you.

Incredible experience mushing with Bush Alaska Expeditions

This video is created by clients of ours, Aleksander Pininski and Marta Cybinska and is a wonderful video for giving you a feel for the remoteness of this great wilderness land and the thrill of mushing your own team of loyal Alaskan Huskies. Arrival is by mail plane to the Eagle airport where we will meet you by snowmobile to take you to our homesite 6 miles down the Yukon River…way beyond roads and power lines.

This particular video shows various trail conditions that can be experienced. The wet section is something that, for the most part, can be avoided but is not dangerous. It is quite common as the ice on the rivers continues to freeze down that pressure sends water over the top which will immediately begin to freeze.

Because a true wilderness experience can become tainted with a large group or "party," we limit our tours to one or two clients plus your guide." (Except on special request for a larger group, by you.) You can customize your tour to your own personal physical abilities and expectations which can include day trips and simple overnight adventures in a tent camp or an original miner/trap line cabin dating back to the early part of the century or you can experience a full-blown expedition as long as you want, mushing into country inhabited only by God's creations, including caribou and wolves.

Along with the experience of riding the runners behind the dogs, you can spend time hiking alone or with the dogs, skiing, ski joring, snow boarding, aurora watching (on clear nights the northern lights often grace the sky), or just kicking back in a relaxed, remote location. A true wilderness experience is more than just being on the runners behind the dogs. It is every aspect of life out here. We have to temper the amount of time the dogs run with what is best for them while giving you an ultimate wilderness experience. Normally the dogs run 3.5 to 5 hours a day which is approximately 20 to 25 miles. A few days might be shorter and later in the season with longer daylight they might be slightly longer. So expect some time to explore your wilderness world or kick back and relax.

If you are concerned about the environment, rest assured we leave a very small footprint. Because of where we live we have to use everything and waste very little. Running dogs, in itself, is eco-friendly and green as we avoid motors when we travel as much as we can. Every scrap of fish is used, either for ours or the dogs food, the guts go into compost for the garden. Even the dog poop is composted for later use (5 years) in the garden.

While you are here you will be exposed to a variety of hazards and risks, which are inherent in each trip and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of what you want to experience. Rescue and medical facilities are not easily available. Take note the closest doctor or hospital is over 350 air miles from your dog tour starting point at our cabin. Your physical conditioning is essential for your safety. Medical help could be days away!

Your dog sled adventure begins in the small town of Eagle where we will make our way 6 miles down the Yukon River to the home cabin, as there are no roads to our homestead, located deep in the interior/boreal forest, and continue on to our fall dog training camp situated high on the tundra of American Summit above tree line and beyond. If the timing is right you can run your dog team among thousands of migrating caribou--with wildlife viewing possibilities ranging from exotic Alaskan Sable to Lynx, Moose, Wolves and other Alaskan Interior Wildlife.

Due to the nature of this total wilderness environment the country does not allow for luxury accommodations. However our tours range from log cabins to hard-core tent camps set up in mountain ranges accessible only by dog team. We specialize in primitive expedition type travel by dog team. Typical clientele for our more hardcore expeditions are athletic type sports enthusiasts looking for a challenging adventure to test themselves in a harsh environment which includes an element of risk. These clients come from a select list of returns who have proven to us that they have the stuff for very harsh conditions.

If you are into a true sledding experience that does not require an extreme level of physical fitness, we have trails and very rustic cabins in remote areas that also include everything the expedition type tours offer without the inherent risk and physical requirements. All tours are custom designed to your specifications for each selected client.


“Epic Dog Sled Wilderness Adventure”
“The Adventure of a Lifetime!”
“The Real Alaskan Deal.”

Our clients find this a life changing adventure!
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National Park Service

Check out the virtual tour at the National Park Service, Yukon Charley Rivers Preserve on one of our dog tours within the preserve.